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The Seed magazine was started in August 1988 by a small team of Consolata
Missionaries in Kenya. A catholic publication, the magazine was started with the aim of informing of the missionary activities in the parishes, hence its tagline, “A magazine of missionary concern.”

The magazine derives its name from the Gospel of Luke 8:11, “…the seed is the word of God”. 

It was first published in August 1988 and is now the leading Catholic magazine in Kenya. As a tool of evangelization, the magazine is religious oriented and dedicated to reaching out to all Christians. It is intended as a great companion in the journey of faith; a guide to an attractive, Christ-oriented lifestyle, an enriching means of discussing God and all facets of Christian life. It covers the Church in Kenya, across the continent and globally, including a wide range of news, especially of humanitarian and social interest.

The magazine is published bimonthly (every two months) i.e. six issues are produced annually, sometimes with special issues in between. It is presented in glossy, full colour pages, it has Feature Stories which cover activities of the Church across Kenya and around the world, Youth page, Faith pages, Family pages and a Children’s colourful insert. It also allows for readers’ views and comments, Puzzles and Jokes.

The magazine also produces liturgical calendars annually

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The Seed.

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The Seed has a print run of 3000 (currently 3,000) copies monthly. These are sent out to subscriber all over the country specifically to catholic individuals and institutions.

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