Launched back in 1988 by a small team of Consolata Missionaries, The Seed

has since grown into a 52-full colour  magazine with a larger team of professional and support staff. Today, The Seed has a target circulation of over 10,000 copies a month and a readership of over 1 million.


The Seed content is carefully chosen and arranged in line with our motto “a magazine of missionary concern”.  The content -guided by continuous feedback – is tailored to suit our readers’ needs.

The objectives of the magazine include:

  • To provide education and inspiration.
  • To highlight and debate family issues.
  • To provide practical solutions on family care and relationship issues.
  • To share information on health and family challenges including matters relating to HIV and AIDS.
  • To offer a platform for discussing bible stories.
  • To provide a forum for to nurture reading culture in children.
  • To highlight life’s values and ethical behavior.


The Seed is packaged to include a variety of Christian themes encountered in day to day life. These include family, health, education as well as our society’s heroes and heroines.

Our articles are well researched, informative and educative, making us a credible reference document: accepted, trusted, tried, tested and proven in the Kenyan market.


The Seed is Kenya’s leading Christian magazine.  Our target market includes female and male readers aged between 10 and 60, from both rural and urban settings, who have some form of disposable income.


As a leading Christian brand, The Seed shall continually maintain the highest levels of quality, reliability, honesty and a sense of patriotism.  The brand shall ensure consistency of its products through an efficient system of quality control checks in all levels: from accuracy, style, and language in its editorial division to an appealing design and high quality printing and packaging through the rest of the publishing process.


The Seed is a family magazine. We cover non-political issues in areas of faith, health, the youth, children and adults.

Guided by our vision and mission, we are committed to responsible journalism- one that is factual, well researched and tasteful.

Our content represents the diversity of our society and is generated by a team of staff writers, as well as carefully selected professional columnists.